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¨Le Grand Jeu” is the name of a game designed in May-July 2016 by an expert group in a 4 days workshop, held in Milan 10-14 July 2016. The group includes artists, engineers, design experts and activists.
The idea and the direction of the process came by to help design a situation where some narratives about the future of our society could be told, crafted and discussed in a positive way.


Play Out the energetic futures of Europe

It has been an honor to collaborate with the Eurofusion consortium to adapt 6 new scenarios of LGJ to play the future of energy in Europe, for the exibition “Fusion, Power to the People” curated by Mohamed Belhorma.

EUROfusion supports and funds fusion research activities on behalf of the European Commission’s Euratom programme. Currently the future of energy is bound to critical choices, that involve to the core the political bodies of Europe to involve everyone into detailed critical decisions about energy. Sustainability, exploitation, delicate equilibrium of economical and strategical relevance, down to everyone’s own choices about everyday life. All turns round to the generation, availability and cost of energy

Eurofusion is a consortium that currently ties 30 research organizations, and behind them 152 associated entities, including universities and companies, from 25 European Union member states plus the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Ukraine.

These new scenarios were played and refined in DTU Copenhagen in 2020 and can be played on your LGJ set now.

To know more see our latest post about it.

The game is as usual free to play, adapt and customise:

The complete set + the box to contain it can be laser cut in your makerspace!

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If you want to become a master LGJ player or like the idea to set LGJ for your project’s outreach, contact us, we organize workshops for facilitators and are willing to work with you to create scenarios and explore playing the most complex trans disciplinary discussions.

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