About us

About us

Le Grand Jeu is constantly evolving through game sessions and new design sprints.

It was originally co-designed by Federico Bonelli and Raffaella Rovida, from an original idea of Federico Bonelli.

It was used in workshop settings in European projects: i.e. CAPSI-Commonfare PIE-News, H2020-LEDGER

It was adopted and further expanded by many communities for simulation, co-design of commons economies and environmental lecturing.

LGJ been played by Raffa and Fredd in Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and other less bombastic but dear to us provinces of Europe. We are very grateful to all players for their generosity in sharing fun and ideas in this learning process.



Federico Bonelli

Fredd is passionate about creative research, a term without boundaries. He is interested in developing talent mentoring and consulting. Sometimes it involves walking in the woods blindfolded.

His repertoire of experiences have led him to several EU funded research projects , a one-of-kind experimental project of generative digital art with Philips Research in 2005.

He is a member of the IoT council.

Since 2012 he is running a laboratory for sustainable off the grid performance research called trasformatorio (www.trasformatorio.net). Trasformatorio is a neologism for Art Laboratory and Tansformations. The methodological insight learned from the lab enriched the methodology “trasformatorio”.

As an artist he has covered many roles in many projects in the years for independent cinema, theatre and performance, visual and digital arts.

He has a degree in philosophy.



Raffaella Rovida

Raffa is a researcher passionate about trans-disciplinary research and environmental issues.

She led the Research unit of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (www.ciid.dk) for 5 years where she successfully delivered H2020 projects on digital dialogue in cultural spaces, ethics in technology, STEAM and practice-based learning and prototyped a participatory installation for the EUROfusion Expo.

She is partner of a consultancy company (www.team.it) active in the European project field where she has been working for 10 years as a researcher and project manager, dealing with urban regeneration projects, simulations of complex systems (System Dynamics), Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment.

She has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Genoa (Italy) and a PhD in Sustainability and Regional Planning from the University of Brescia.




Co-Design sessions: MACAO (9-14 Luglio 2016)

Lead: Federico Bonelli 
Co-designer: Raffaella Rovida 

Consultant for Coin: Marco Sachy (dyne.org)
Consultant for Energy: Alex D´Elia daje.eu,
Graphic Design: Maddalena Fragnito (MACAO)
Line Production: Maddalena Fragnito, Emanuele Braga (MACAO) 
Players: Emanuele Braga, Camilla Pin, Andrea Masu, Costantino Buongiorno, Zoe Romano, Diego Weisz, Manuela Casiraghi


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