“Democracy rightly conceived is not so much a goal as it is a process”

J. Dewey

Beyond human-centric and design thinking, we set up a situation for collective digestion of knowledge.

Our platform elicits mental models and behavioural patterns emerge, engaging the group in juicy conversations.

  • You are a company looking for an alternative team building experience.
  • You are a Public Administration willing to co-design with your citizens in a bottom-up way.
  • You are a group of people that would like to cooperate in a network of peers.
  • You are a branched organisation willing to create understanding and to reach a shared vision.
  • You are an institution dealing with a complex topic that you want to communicate in a hands-on and effective way.

We can facilitate with you an engaging workshop, tailored made on your goal.

Would you like some additional service? We can produce YOUR game with your scenarios, stories, master’s book/video-tutorial, a promotional video, …

1-day workshop with us + 3 days of pre-production/post-production

Cost: 5000 EUR + travel fee

Get in touch and tell us about you. That’s for free!