Adapting LGJ: “I friggin’ love it”

Adapting LGJ: “I friggin’ love it”

From the depth of the Web Daniel Thomas appeared and adapted LGJ to his user case. He shared on the telegram channel all his process and that was amazing to see. We agreed to show here some of his effort and to meditate over his feedback.

In particular we like the effect with the black boards in the canonical top shot.

More over the feedback from the game he played, that we want to report in its entirety, only the emphasis are mine.

Some raw feedback from the artist

Quick off load after last night game

The power of playing this board game is in being able to present you ideas in front of other people.
Its brilliant for test-running and manifesting, setting goals, solidifying seeds of ideas and getting questioned on them, getting feedback and connecting people together. I friggin love it!


Ideas on tightening up:

1. Defining strict parameters / environment / edges of the game
God/mod can define it by
• Presenting a narrative (story)
• 3 words
• Choosing a sphere / market / niche and inviting only players of that niche to play (only artists / only web developers / only farmers-permaculturists)
2. Best if players prepare an idea beforehand (at least a team leader) – a sentence is enough (what they want to explore)
3. Knowledge (Square) can only be bought after presenting the group with what the knowledge actually is.
4. It can only be bought if the majority approve of it as legitimate and valid / useful knowledge.
5. In case of 50/50 – roll a dice (yes /no) – introduce luck for the knowledge to be approved / disapproved.
6. Each Knowledge needs to be written on each paper square
7. Possibility of raising the board into 3d realms by using magnets?
Check out my personal favourite game with magnets – tons of possibilities.

By simply swapping the paper-chips into different material the game can change quite significantly.
BUT definitely keep TRIANGLES / Pyramid geometry.

  • If you were to move away prom primary colours in game design – see what happens
  • Counting beans by hand is not very user-friendly and slows down the game – would be better to make an app to add up everyone’s score and do it automatically. Possibly mapping the board with a camera so that the score can be added up automatically? (Im sure its possible) – needs more research.
  • Board game and an app are 2 completely different things obviously, but if you are building something online, real life board-game events can be an off-shoot of the same project. But at the same time can be integrated into the on-line game. There must be some sort of benefit in attending the board-game version (adds value to your online assets?)

Overall -mega interesting and would be amazing to see level 2 and 3. Need to play again.
Possibly with a smaller group and more focused, no alcohol environment. (Drinking can happen afters)

The game is accessible to anyone
willing to engage with the change maker within. with two or more on each team the shy can quietly plan and participate. The bold can reach the edges of the constraints with probing questions.


The feed back from the creatives and techies (not mutually exclusive :)) highlighted the broad application space.

I didn’t mention blockchain at all during the setup / scenario. (Although I have planet & tile lined up for the application. )
This didn’t seem to limit the possibility space.

Later in the game, staking, lending, yield and all manor of ‘off chain’ agreements emerged as a result of communicating the narrative

Each teams application of ‘knowledge’ ‘resouces’ and the subsequent creation of assets supported their original orientation.
While maintaining the flexibility to adjust and coordinate with others around the table.

In the tokenised future, incentive discovery games like le grand jue could be used for…

a tool for:

  1. Coordinating DAO treasuries
  2. Integration mapping for teams
  3. New idea generation
  4. cadCAD constraints & logic preparation
  5. smart contract development

(I set the board as a blanc but could be preset with eg. treasury balances)

photos and videos courtesy of Daniel Thomas

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