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About design

Federico recently participated to a conference and his contribution has been deemed valuable for publication.

Federico wrote a paper to contribute to the conference organized by the Arab Democratic Institute of Berlin and two Universities in Tunisia. The paper was accepted for presentation and got published within the proceedings of the conference.

Scutoid Coop and Gudskul collective wrapping up in Federicianum, Documenta 16

The paper title is:
Melting Down Identity: Towards a Pedagogy of Complexity (page 68 of the book).

In the paper there is a in depth discussion of some cases connected to the activity of Trasformatorio and an advocacy of methods of learning that engage with complexity bypassing common biases. Federico calls this “pedagogy for complexity” and is a non hierarchical way to set out on learn and do journeys with a open mind and curiosity and, at the same time, put to use the abilities of artists to engage in collective transformation.

Cases included in the article are taken from LGJ playing, Trasformatorio methodology for innovation as set up in the NGI-Ledger program and an account of Federico’s experience at Documenta 15.

the paper has been chosen for publication as well in the Journal of Social Sciences:

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