¨Le Grand Jeu”is the name of a game designed in May-July 2016 by an expert group in a 4 days workshop, held in Milan 10-14 July 2016.

The group includes artists, engineers, design experts and activists.

The idea and the direction of the process came by to help design a situation where some narratives about the future of our society could be told, crafted and eventually discussed in a positive way.

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Newsreel – what are we up to

Workshop April 11/13 2017

Some news for “le grand jeu” this spring.

This May, the game is invited to participate to Dark Matter Games  and is a coproduction of SALE Doks and Workspacebrussels, a flemish organisation based in Bruxelles that is interested in social/art/interventions.

“Dark Matter Games is an art project that aims to develop and present innovative and socially engaged art practices that often fall out of the scope of more classical art institutions. Inspired by the essay Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette, the project gathers, shares, develops and presents over 25 art practices that take social interaction and transdisciplinarity as their starting point.
A workweek in april will give the opportunity to the participating artists to share their practice and articulate possible urban interventions. In the context of the Venice Biennial opening weekend in May, we will present these interventions during an urban festival, the Dark Matter Games. This event will combine exhibitions, round tables, performances and interventions alike. The aftermath will take the shape of a publication that will be presented in Brussels, in late fall.”

For the program of the 3 days workshop, I will adapt and rework legrandjeu to describe Venice reality.

Sale DOKS is a 10 years old occupation, legalized with a temporary agreement with the City of Venice that will fall out in 2019. Has a base with the still quite active network of alternative spaces of Venice. Their activity is since the beginning, as for Milano’s Macao, art practice based. They organize performances, public interventions, and shows, with an interesting history of fine arts and performance, always quite controversial. The venue is 3’ walk from the Peggy Guggenheim, in front of the Giudecca, and used to be a salt deposit from the 15th century on. The walls still white from salt concretions. The setup has been made with parts scavenged from previous Biennale pavilions and there is an atelier, a bar, a sort of reconfigurable theater space, and a lot of activity.

The workshop, that Fredd is going to document a bit, will lead to the definition of a “Venetian Edition” of the game custom made for the May 11/15 presentation when we will present an open game session of “Le Gran Jeu” Venice.

We are happy to participate to Venice Architecture Biennale, as side event of a special program of  activities and a interesting exhibit named Gang City. Is a space curated by Fabio Armao from the Politecnico di Torino, (University of Turin) the exhibition aims to explore the phenomena of gangs from a anthropological and urbanistic eye.

In this context we are going to introduce “le Gand Jeu”, with some precise adaptations of our games geared towards the simulation of eco-social flows of values and commodities in the dystopian world of city gangs.

We hope as such to learn more on the capabilities of the game and of our own ability of using it as a research tool to comprehend the flows of ideas, grand narratives and fascinations that fellow humans have available to share while playing.

To talk about games and transition with the makers, or  if you leave in the venetian area to participate as players, feel free to contact us beforehand following the link to our email.

Thanks to:
Barbara Cammarata, Chiara Dona’ Dalle Rose, Polline.it, CIID, Dyne.org, Macao.

for more info:

  • www.gangcity.it
  • http://ilgiornaledellarchitettura.com/web/2016/05/31/gang-city-benvenuti-nella-giungla-urbana/
  • locandina-venezia .PDF

Setting up the web site for ¨Le Grand Jeu¨ adventure.

  • Some design glitches corrected
  • logo: done (madu)
  • legacy with iteration 7 on the go (fredd & raffa)
  • thinking and tinkering done..
  • iteration 7 package download and git (fredd) on the go
  • backsite hardening (firegarden)

keep up the good work guys!

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