Le Grand Jeu

is a future-thinking game that allows to set a situation where different conditions are simulated and concepts emerge from doing where players are peers and all languages intermix …. and stories emerge


¨Le Grand Jeu” is the name of a game designed in May-July 2016 by an expert group in a 4 days workshop, held in Milan 10-14 July 2016. The group includes artists, engineers, design experts and activists.

The idea and the direction of the process came by to help design a situation where some narratives about the future of our society could be told, crafted and discussed in a positive way.

A tool to spin discussion about climate and energy


You can cut the pieces for your board with scissors or by laser cut using policarbonate. You find the .svg on github.

And contact us if you want to know more or share stories.

Two days of co-design and exploration with legrandjeu and a group of enthusiasts commoners in the hart of Dublin. Perfectly
Le Grand Jeu has been invited to perform at IUAV in Venice, for a master class to U-Rise students. It
Raffaella wrote a great article on MEDIUM to introduce Le Grand Jeu. You can find her whole article here: https://medium.com/@r.rovida81/le-grand-jeu-is-a-hands-on-tool-to-co-design-sustainable-micro-economies-empowered-by-261ee906decfa
18 of November, in New Taipei Town, I have been a guest of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab for a
Some news for "le grand jeu" this spring. This May, the game is invited to participate to Dark Matter Games
We are happy to participate to Venice Architecture Biennale, as side event of a special program of activities and a

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First article by Raffaella Rovida (2018) about Le Grand Jeu on Medium (2018) .

Raffaella Rovida in Medium, after our gaming in Germany: Token economics got game, (2019)

Shih-Chieh Ilya Li Writes on Medium about “Le Grand Jeu” after our workshop in Taiwan (2018), largely a translation to chinese of Raffaella’s article

Federico Bonelli about traveling to china (features a memory about a game in Huangzou), first published on trasformatorio.net in 2018, now reprinted on Medium



Relevant effort to define an entire new field for applied #philosophy: what's wrong with #circulareconomy https://medium.com/@r.rovida81/in-cradle-to-cradle-there-are-two-concepts-that-are-in-my-opinion-amazing-breakthrough-687d80c7af4

#radioantidoto music, ideas, short waves and long ones, yoga and dance and more experimental stuff on the favourite radio experiment of the quarantene. Retweet
and jump in if you wanna do radio! http://t.me/radioantidoto

#radioantidoto Amsterdam Messina Copenhagen, Latina ... Sotto a chi tocca! We make radio together lsiten, make some sound feom italia diaspora and quarantine

Https://vimeo.com/397760480 new video about #legrandjeu for all! Thanks to all featured in this video, from #Taiwan to #Helsinki passing from place to experience. @raffaellarovida is our Game, and the game of all of those that played it so far! http://Www.legrandjeu.net

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