Le Jeu on Medium

Raffaella published an interesting view over the game on Medium com. She writes: After 3 years of co-design of the game our goal is to use it to open our mind to the concept of crypto businesses: what kind of organizations can they enable? How can we use it to create a different kind of economy: fairer, transparent, sustainable on the long run? In an interesting post M.Maples stated “blockchains

Le Grand Jeu in Taipei

18 of November, in New Taipei Town, I have been a guest of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab for a day workshop- jam session- on tactics for involvement and strategies for co-design. I was traveling to Taiwan together with a good representative of the dyne.org crew. I used and shown a mix of tachtics from my experiences in Trasformatorio and “Le Grand Jeu” to explicitly theme of collaboration on the

Dark Matter Games Venice

Some news for “le grand jeu” this spring. This May, the game is invited to participate to Dark Matter Games  and is a coproduction of SALE Doks and Workspacebrussels, a flemish organisation based in Bruxelles that is interested in social/art/interventions. “Dark Matter Games is an art project that aims to develop and present innovative and socially engaged art practices that often fall out of the scope of more classical art institutions.


We are happy to participate to Venice Architecture Biennale, as side event of a special program of activities and a interesting exhibit named Gang City. Is a space curated by Fabio Armao from the Politecnico di Torino, (University of Turin) the exhibition aims to explore the phenomena of gangs from a anthropological and urbanistic eye.

In this context we are going to introduce “le Gand Jeu”, with some precise adaptations of our games geared towards the simulation of eco-social flows of values and commodities in the dystopian world of city gangs.

Hello world!

Setting up the web site for ¨Le Grand Jeu¨ adventure. Some design glitches corrected logo: done (madu) legacy with iteration 7 on the go (fredd & raffa) thinking and tinkering done.. iteration 7 package download and git (fredd) on the go backsite hardening (firegarden) keep up the good work guys!