Le Grand Jeu in Taipei

Le Grand Jeu in Taipei
conference poster Taipei Nov. 2018

18 of November, in New Taipei Town, I have been a guest of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab for a day workshop- jam session- on tactics for involvement and strategies for co-design. I was traveling to Taiwan together with a good representative of the dyne.org crew.

I used and shown a mix of tachtics from my experiences in Trasformatorio and “Le Grand Jeu” to explicitly theme of collaboration on the level of stories and to demonstrate how to introduce a process of co-design in a situation oriented environment.

A beautyfull account of the experience has been given by Ilya Li in his blog post on Nocturnal Wanderer.

A more philosophical account has been published on trasformatorio.net website and is going to be part of an article co authored by Federico and dyne.org crew and Rob van Kranenbourg.

Taipei to Hangzhou

Photos (when not noted differently) are from Yulin Huang

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