IUAV Venice

IUAV Venice

Le Grand Jeu has been invited to perform at IUAV in Venice, for a master class to U-Rise students.

It has been a very interesting meeting. The U-Rise master focuses on Urban Regeneration, and has been quite a ride to propose to master students bottom-up methodologies that fits with the instruments developed by dyne.org during D-Cent, Commonfare and DECODE projects.

It was a very good chance for me (Federico) to go back to the Philosophical roots of my studies, entertaining a very pleasent and rich conversation with the docent, Simona Morini, a philosopher of science expert in theory of decisions and fluent in history of mathematics and theory of probability.

The students (about 25) were super as well. Unexpectedly they divided themselve in a playing group and a observers group. The observers asked the assembly to be active and then they managed to introduce a new rule. The rule managed to use the game to simulate the arrival of unforeseeable number of migrants. So new players were added to the group. They also designed micro credit with the “local” bank and found a way to re-educate a thief without the need of prison.

I am looking forward to know if the active students have wish to play the game by themselve to explore their own ideas futher and have some feedback by them.

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