Dublin Digital hub: Le Grand Jeu and commonfare

Two days of co-design and exploration with legrandjeu and a group of enthusiasts commoners in the hart of Dublin. Perfectly organised by John Lynch and Taja Naidoo at the Dublin Digital Hub that guested us. Big stories from day one, that I will post here in the comments. for masters we have a telegram group (to exchange stories) go to https://t.me/legrandjeumaster John has published as well his own account of

Le Grand Jeu in Taipei

18 of November, in New Taipei Town, I have been a guest of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab for a day workshop- jam session- on tactics for involvement and strategies for co-design. I was traveling to Taiwan together with a good representative of the dyne.org crew. I used and shown a mix of tachtics from my experiences in Trasformatorio and “Le Grand Jeu” to explicitly theme of collaboration on the