Le Grand Jeu

Le Grand Jeu is constantly evolving through game sessions and new design sprints.

Has been developed independently and used in workshop settings in EU PROJECTS

Is actually being adopted and expanded further by many communities for simulation, co-design of commons economies and environmental lecturing.

LGJ been played by Raffa and Fredd in Finland, Italy, The Nederlands, Taiwan, China, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and other less bombastic but dear to us provinces of Europe. We are very grateful to all players for their generosity in sharing fun and ideas in this learning process.

LGJ can be adopted and played freely for non-profit use.
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All details on making your own game board from github!

Actual design Iteration #11

General idea development and design by Federico Bonelli and Raffaella Rovida, from an original idea of Federico Bonelli

Federico Bonelli (trasfomatorio,
from Iteration 7 onwards the lead credit is shared with Raffaella Rovida

Co-designer: Raffaella Ravida (

Consultant for Coin: Marco Sachy (


Consultant for Energy: Alex D´Elia,
Graphic Design: Maddalena Fragnito (MACAO)
Line Production: Maddalena Fragnito, Emanuele Braga (MACAO)

Original Co-Design sessions:
MACAO (9-14 Luglio 2016) ITERATION #1-to-#6
Emanuele Braga, Camilla Pin, Andrea Masu, Costantino Buongiorno, Zoe Romano, Diego Weisz, Manuela Casiraghi


© 2016-2020 Federico Bonelli – Raffaella Rovida

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